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Tamarisk Drive Halls Head is a great place to live!

If Goldilocks were looking for a great street to live in, she would surely think Tamarisk Drive Halls Head would be just right. It is not too far from the beach and it is not close either, in fact, it is just right. Of a morning, you will find many of it’s residents making the short leisurely stroll from Tamarisk Drive to the nearby scenically supreme beach side walk/cycle trail. With one of the nearest beaches being as “Dogs allowed on beach” you can be confident many of them will be accompanied by man’s best friend, their dog.

What schooling options are available for people living in Tamarisk Drive?

The land sizes in Tamarisk Drive Halls Head are generous

For people looking for space for privacy and space to achieve things on the property, will discover all of the lot sizes are of a generous size in Tamarisk Drive, with them ranging from seven hundred to one thousand square metres.


How much do homes sell for, in and around Tamarisk Drive Halls Head?


How do I findĀ 8 Tamarisk Drive Halls Head